Dodson Studios Original Paintings

These vivid original oil paintings are also available in giclee on canvas.   Call Dodson studios for dimensions , pricing and purchasing information.

Click on each image below for a larger view.

What is Giclee

Giclee refers to a method of printing technology where images are generated from very high resolution digital scans and printed using archival quality inks.  Images are produced on various substrates including photo-based paper and canvas.  Dodson Studios produces high quality reproductions of our original artwork on canvas.  The quality of these prints rival traditional methods of reproductions commonly found in museums and galleries.  Giclee has proven superior to traditional lithography because they last longer, colors are brighter and images are crisper.  Most importantly, it provides an affordable means for our clients to enjoy original artwork in their own home.



Reflections Series #1

Reflections Series #2
Reflections Series #3
Mother and Child
King of the Rim
The Healer
The Vision
Wings of Gold

The Healer #2
The Vision #2
Majestic Warrior
The Last Arrow
The Storyteller
Early Morn
Hide and Seek
Broken Silence
The Gift
Rejoicing of the New Spirit

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