We invite you to browse through our collection of traditional bronze sculptures.  The hallmark of this collection is the fine detail of each sculpture.  Please contact us at 602-549-9055 or email us and jimandjudy@dodson studios.net for information on purchasing sculptures,commissions or private showings.

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Harvest Blessings
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American Freedom
Height: 7 in.
Edition 50

Spirit Wings
(Available in three sizes)
Height: 10 ft. Edition 21
Height: 58 in. Edition 50
Height: 21 in. Edition 75

Height: 41 in.
Edition 50

The Guardian
Height:  15 in.
Edition 50
The Eternal Spring
Life Size Fountain
Edition 21
Mystic Warrior
Height: 8 in.
Edition 75
War Paint
Spirit Shield
Height: 12 in.
Edition 25
Hope of a Nation
Width: 27in.
Edition 25
A Mother's Touch
Height: 6 in.
Edition 50
The Last Arrow
Height: 10 in.
Edition 35
Problems Problems
Height:  10 in.
Edition 50

No Longer Available
Limited Edition - Complete

Hidden Thunder
Height:  10 in.
Edition 50

Spirit of the Rising Sun
Height:  53 in.
Edition 50

No Tracks to Follow
Height:  24 in.
Edition 25

The Wildcatter
Height:  13 in.
Edition 25
The Wrangler
Height:  10 in.
Edition 50
Height:  11 in.
Edition 50

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